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An important component of any Internet resource is its content (content). What should be the content today and why it is necessary to place unique texts?

Today, the quality of the site is more important than ever for Internet users, and search engines are also closely following this, using special algorithms. Therefore, you need to fill the site with quality content, for this it must be unique.

What is a unique text?

First of all, this is a text that does not have duplicates on the Internet. But this is not enough to read the text, it’s his main purpose. In addition, a good text should meet a number of requirements:

  • useful
  • natural
  • thematic
  • optimized

The text is important to write based on what interests the user in your topic. It should be useful and contain answers to basic and frequent questions. You should try to provide the customer with the most detailed and complete information on the goods / services being sold and to interest him to make a choice in your favor.

You should correctly place the accents in the text, divide it into paragraphs, prescribe fascinating headings and subtitles, add lists, pictures, tables, and include the appropriate terms.

When adding keywords to the text, you should do this carefully. The main thing here is that the text should be natural, easy to read, understandable to any reader, and the keywords are not allocated, but harmoniously fit into the sentence.

Adding new text to the site, it should be remembered that online resources are needed in order to provide such information, which corresponds to users’ requests. Undoubtedly, for many, a website or an online store is one way to generate revenue, if not the only one. To do this, we publish information about the services provided, products. But to receive a good and stable traffic, the resource should contain three main components of a good site – modern adaptive design, usability of the site (usability) and, of course, unique and useful content.

Why the text is not unique?

There are not many options here:

  • Text copied from the competitor’s website.
  • Low-quality rerayt from the competitor’s site.
  • The competitor copied your text.
  • The text is placed on another site (you placed your text on additional platforms – site directories, message boards, etc.))

What does not lead to unique texts on the site?

  • Reduction of the site’s position in the issue
  • Problems with indexing
  • Deteriorating search traffic
  • Reduction in sales.

In short, your website with non-unique texts will not like the search engine and it will punish and not show it to users, and in the worst case will apply a filter.

How to check the text for uniqueness?

It’s simple. To do this, there are special and even free testing online resources, where it is enough to insert your text just written or already existing on the site and click “Check”. Wait only a couple of seconds or minutes, you’ll know whether you can add this text to the site.

Consider the 4 most popular:

  1. text.ru,
  2. content-watch,
  3. glvrd.ru,
  4. advego plagiatus

Perhaps the most favorite service of copywriters – text.ru. Here, a simple, understandable and cute menu in which it is easy to understand and start working. In fact, this is a portal where you can not only check the text, but also order seo-text on the copywriting platform.

A photo


  • You can work without registration
  • You can see the number of characters in the test with and without spaces
  • Determines the percentage of uniqueness, shows sites with similar content
  • Checks spelling
  • Makes seo-analysis of text
  • There is a section on finding synonyms. This can help reduce the blurring of repetitive words in the text


A free check is often delayed due to the resource load and expect the result to take a very long time.

To gain an advantage in the speed of verification, you need to register. Registered users can perform a batch check whole site…


This resource has a minimalist design and a simple menu. If you check the texts from your site, then there is for this purpose a special field into which to enter your domain in order to get clean results:

A photo

content-watch unlike the previous service does not contain any excesses and checks the text purely for uniqueness, showing the addresses of pages from other sites with a percentage of coincidence:

A photo


  • It is not necessary to register
  • There are text length displays with spaces and without spaces
  • You can check one page of the site.
  • You can scan the site
  • There is a packet inspection service – up to 7 pages to choose from


Free trial only 7 texts per day

Batch verification is available only for registered users, but it is more like a formality to see the history of the checks. Therefore, it is possible to register for any fictitious email; You do not need to confirm.

To withdraw the limit, you must pay a paid subscription.

advego plagiatus



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