SEO-audit: exclusively the prerogative of a specialist


If Vasya Pupkin started his Blog – does not mean that Vasya Pupkin has become a cool SEO. But, for some reason, many users believe that every specialist, related to site building, can effectively promote the resource in the global network. Let’s put all the dots over the “and” today, and understand why it is not advantageous to order CEO services from the Pupkin.

Will the blog editor promote the site to the top?

Surely everyone agrees with the statement that theory and practice do not really, often, diverge. The same applies to the CEO audit. If you ask for this service, for example, the editor of our blog, he certainly gives you a bunch of tips on how to promote the site to the top. But if you compare the science of progress with a map torn into tiny scraps, then just such an editor will give you only different pieces of the map. No more. The whole picture of how to act, you will not meet in your head. As well as the blonde, who read about how to disassemble and assemble the VAZ-21011 engine, in fact will not be able to go further: “Is this the black plate that’s the engine? So, so, so … Where is there to insert a screwdriver?»

Maybe a programmer?

Well, here he knows everything about the site! Even can fizzle portal from scratch. He can write codes and change the design. Yes, in general, he can do much! And what about SEO audit? And here is a hitch: the design and architecture of the site have nothing to do with content and external factors that affect the position of the site in the ranking of search engines.

Maybe a marketing guru?

Here again, a double-edged sword: a person who writes in-demand articles about SEO promotion or leads webinars on the same topic can tell you a lot about how to promote the site to the top. But, how is he going to do it in practice? What practical skills does he have in the CEO? Most likely this is the outcome of the events: instead of tackling the really problem areas of your site, you will be engaged in applying the best practices of all times and peoples. You need it?

No, I still need a SEO specialist!

SEO promotion requires daily practice and applied skills. It is competent SEO specialists have those. The real masters of their business completely penetrate the site, which allows them to discover problems requiring attention here and now. Seoshnik will ask you the direction in which you want to move, and describe the algorithm of actions for getting the site into the top. At the same time, you will not do business that will not work, and every effort you make will contribute to the development of your offspring.

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