Андрей Буренок [andronik]
16. 04. 2018

The work was completed on time, everything was done very qualitatively, and most importantly, in the end, everything is explained clearly. After the work, there were no questions left. We plan to continue to contact you. Thank you!

Виктор Толмачев
12. 04. 2018

Compiled a detailed report with recommendations on how to correct mistakes and general recommendations on SEO optimization. Now there is something to work on 🙂

Владимир Владиславович
12. 04. 2018

The audit was indeed without water, all on business
Worked without a “safe transaction” for 100% prepayment.

12. 04. 2018

The work was more than satisfied, everything was done on a professional level. I highly recommend this artist to all.

Sergey Zaboev [seratonin74]
12. 04. 2018

Ordered an SEO audit. As a result, I received a detailed report on all the weaknesses of the site. There is something to continue to work on.

Денис Большаков [denisbolshak435]
12. 04. 2018

The work was done perfectly – quickly, clearly and professionally!
I recommend to cooperation.

Olga Loza [spellhack]
12. 04. 2018

Thank you! Excellent audit, everything is done competently and quickly. I recommend!

Daniel Il [danielil]
12. 04. 2018

The work was completed on time, thank you for the quality of the CEE audit.
I will be glad to cooperate in the future!

Евгения Ларионова [haziiran]
12. 04. 2018

Cooperation with Ivan provoked only positive emotions, everything is explained in great detail, it is painted almost on fingers. We learned a lot about your site and the possibilities of its further improvement and advancement. The work was carried out before the deadline, all the results were received by mail. Ivan works quickly, clearly, professionally. Thank you! we will recommend))

12. 04. 2018

An audit of Ivan is something. Bribes the volume (72 pages!) And the lack of “water”. Essentially, the audit is a TOR for further improvements on the site. Still pauet punctuality and courtesy of Ivan. We will continue to work)

Николай Зинин [benzinpromo]
12. 04. 2018

The work was completed on time, a really large report on the site was received.
Also in the course of the work, Ivan answered the related questions, advised. Now we have to work with the site.

Евгений Саввин [falcon-2005]
12. 04. 2018

Thank you. Very informative and sensible. Now we are negotiating on the elimination of errors, which were found very much. I hope Ivan will help to defeat them.

Диана Ананьева [ad16]
12. 04. 2018

I received a good, high-grade seo-audit at the agreed time. All small comments by Ivan were promptly corrected, the wishes were taken into account. I recommend!

Вадим Егоров [joxxy]
12. 04. 2018

Thank you for the quality SEO-audit! Wrote 50 pages, where he pointed out the errors of the site and gave recommendations, everything is beautifully decorated in a convenient pdf file.

Игорь Семенов [7814781]
12. 04. 2018

Excellent audit, exceeded all expectations. Ivan is a pro !! Can not argue. I gave him a project to fix all the errors that emerged as a result of the audit + the development of semantics and the optimization of the site

Александр Волхов [alex_volhov]
12. 04. 2018

The analysis was completed on time, many details and material for further work.
I have a new site, to replace the old one. I think much more benefit from the analysis for those who are checking the current project. Or it is necessary, at least, to complete all the preparatory operations before the analysis (to bring the site into a fully prepared form). Then the analysis efficiency will be maximum. Cooperation is satisfied.

Александр Брускин [tritonus]
12. 04. 2018

Ordered an audit for an online store.
Got an excellent result, with all the jambs, errors, doubles, etc. Received recommendations that, and most importantly, how to do it correctly.
That is, I received not only points of error, but also clear instructions how to correct them correctly and what it affects.
Very satisfied, definitely recommend.

Александр Колянов [alexh74]
12. 04. 2018

I order an audit not for the first time, for a couple of years since the last appeal, the quality and depth of the audit of Ivan have grown significantly. Audit exceeded all expectations. 70 pages of text contained an analysis of the problems of the site, flaws and specific proposals for improvement. The audit is useful because it lacks water and general recommendations, and it can be used as a direct guide to action. I recommend.

Сергей Костенчук [Nimaki]
12. 04. 2018

How long have I been looking for such a sensible and pedantic to the artist’s details! While waiting for the result, I certainly attended various dark thoughts, based on the experience of obtaining water reports from the “cool” companies. BUT, the result is wonderful! Many practical tips from which my programmers are not going to dodge! If you want even better, although it’s much better? 🙂 then you could have a little more on usability information. But this is me and I will discuss it separately) The bottom line: for SEO / usability only to Ivan!

12. 04. 2018

Excellent site audit!
A lot of work was done. Very detailed and high-quality.
Ivan made a very good impression. Immediately one can see a high level of professionalism.
In addition to the audit itself, he answered in detail all the interesting questions regarding the promotion of the site. Thank you!
I recommend!

Виталий Бровченко [VitalBro]
12. 04. 2018

We made a report for a major project.

Very detailed mistakes were made, I would say as detailed as possible
especially concerning technical specifics

I especially liked that the problem of the speed of the site

The work was completed on time and clearly

PS in skype there is his understudy, under a similar nickname, found in time, be careful to take contacts from here.

12. 04. 2018

the audit was pleased, very detailed. All with examples and screenshots. Now we are correcting mistakes together. I hope that we will continue to work in the future.

12. 04. 2018

Great performer! Conducted a qualitative multilateral audit of our site. The result is a volumetric report with instructions for correcting shortcomings. I recommend everyone who is interested in organic traffic!

12. 04. 2018

Thank you for the detailed and qualitative audit of the site. We will continue to cooperate.

12. 04. 2018

Thank you very much for the detailed audit of our site. The work was completed on time. Received more than 150 pages with examples and recommendations for correcting errors. Everything is detailed and intelligible

Олег Олегов [Begidzhanov]
12. 04. 2018

Ivan was chosen from a dozen performers, according to his first reports, he saw a competent, structured approach.
We decided to purchase the audit service as a first step.
As well as it is painted in the task, we received a lengthy document of 141 pages, indicating mistakes and remarks on many points. Of course there were moments that duplicated each other, but even with this information very much, it is clear that a qualitative work was done.
I’m sure that the values ​​of the audit will bring in more times, we will work)

Семен Колосов [settra]
12. 04. 2018

An impressive work has been done, thank you. I’m sure that following your SEO recommendations will only lead to positive results.

Михаил Панкратов [barzan-show]
12. 04. 2018

I order the audit from Ivan for the second time, asked him to do it in accordance with certain individual requirements, the task is 100% complete. I recommend!

12. 04. 2018

Many thanks to Ivan for the audit of the site. Everything is done very qualitatively with explanations and recommendations for eliminating errors. Definitely recommend!

Виталий Бровченко [VitalBro]
12. 04. 2018

Excellent work done Pts in details compiled and painted to details

12. 04. 2018

Excellent work done, continue on.

12. 04. 2018

We work for promotion for several months, we are satisfied with cooperation, we are working closely, much has been done.

12. 04. 2018

The work was done professionally and on time! 

12. 04. 2018

Qualitatively, informatively and on time

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