Prohibited receptions in product design


It is better to learn about the intricacies of any craft from professionals. Co-founder and director for the production of service for finding tutors Preply Sergey Lukyanov told about the methods of product design that kill the product.

What does the product designer do? It combines research, sociological and marketing activities. This is the person responsible for the experience of interaction and the income of the project. Before you start working on direct design, you need to conduct a thorough in-depth analysis of potential consumers. Only after receiving the results of the study, the designer thinks about the appearance of the product. But sometimes the result of the thought process is very bad. It is to such cases that this material is devoted. What can spoil the impression and hack at the root of a good development?Prohibited receptions in product design

Too crappy design

“Smart design” is loved by many specialists. In the process, it often becomes too complicated, incomprehensible and harms the user experience. Do not forget that it is aimed, first of all, at consumers who do not always understand all the design subtleties. From all options that do not fit the criteria of “ease”, “availability”, “convenience”, it is better to refuse. A visual illustration is the home page of the site. The decoration is colorful, laconic and completely incomprehensible. The imbedding of contrasting text (“originality” in the common people) kills all readability. Not everything is so bad – you can still read the message. The user needs to move the cursor to the corner of the page, but there is no direct guide to this action on the site. Probably, developers are offered to guess on their own.

Fanatical use of animations

When creating an attractive interactive design, you can not do without animation. Just adding animation everywhere without any significant reason is a huge mistake. Look at the PayPal check on It looks interesting and stylish. But the animation makes it difficult to read the details of the transaction, since the duration of the text output on the screen is 3.5 seconds. As an alternative, you could do with a fade-in effect.Fanatical use of animations

Unclear functionality

In pursuit of minimalism, one can not sacrifice practicality and availability of use. The task of the product designer is to clear the goods from unnecessary details, but not from everyone in principle. Here’s how to do it. Before you – a coffee machine. It looks minimalistic, stylish – in the best traditions of the genre. But when a person decides to use it for their intended purpose, problems begin. The device has two hoppers, filled with different grades, which is obvious. However, there is one more, the third, which makes decaffeinated coffee. But there are no signs on the car. Instructions for making drinks – too. Such a product can only cause negative UX.

Unclear interface

This item, along with the previous one, is almost always a pair. As an example – the same ill-fated coffee machine. When choosing a drink, many may experience stupor. First, strange numbering. Secondly, the orderliness of the assortment is strange (2, 1, 3). Thirdly, why do we need images of cups, if they do not fulfill the semantic function. Next – more! At the next stage of choosing coffee, letters are added to the numeric index. Where from? What for? Why? An example is a vivid illustration of the fact that you can not neglect the analysis and testing of products. The company will suffer less losses if it postpones the launch of the product, instead of mass production like that. In any case, MVP, which is easy to refine and optimize in the future, still exists.

Keep up with the times

Trends are not always good. Naturally, the product should look original and fresh. But the original goal is simplicity, functionality. Does the fashion element make it difficult to use the site or device? Do not include it at all. Recently, the trend trend was minimalism with the introduction of very small details. This design can look cool, but convenience – above all! Experimental navigation is another trend that does not always play in favor of UX. Someone has enough traditional navigation, without innovations, which allows you to quickly solve your problem.Keep up with the times

Do not make mistakes in product design – you can

We return to the beginning: first of all, before the development of the layout we perform a thorough investigation, we make a plan of the processes. The second aspect, guaranteeing success, is an established constructive dialogue between the product designer, engineers and software developers. Their interaction should be harmonious and harmonious. Only in this case the product claims high quality in all respects.

Do not be afraid of improvements. The first option is always draft. Before running it is worth several times to test the functionality, analyze the possible reaction of the audience. Many errors can be affected even after the official presentation, when the final version is maximally cleaned and adjusted. Regular communication with consumers, feedback will make it clear what needs to be corrected, improved not only in appearance, but also in the interface, performance, etc. Knowing and feeling the hot trends for the designer is, of course, important. Be able to interpret them – too. But for the success of the project on the market, it is necessary to thoroughly understand and understand the target audience; be able to recognize your mistakes and be ready to correct them.

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