New Firefox Quantum. Easier and faster!


Forward to study and evaluate the new thing, which just appeared on our monitors. The developers say that the new version is much better than the old one, because it has become faster and loudly declares that it’s easier for its competitor Chrome to 30%.

It is recommended to install even on a 32-bit computer with an operating speed of not more than 4 GB, supposedly a new super browser consumes few resources and it will work perfectly even with such parameters.

Disassembly of new items

The icon with the fox, fortunately, left the same as we know it.

At the first testing, the browser really works well with a lot of open tabs, quickly loads pages, instantly opens YouTube and immediately, without hitching, broadcasts Vidyashki, which can not but rejoice! By the way, for this the developers were not too lazy and made a test video for comparing the speed of Firefox and Chrome. Boldly!


When installed, the smart browser will immediately transfer your favorite bookmarks and settings from the old version. The updated home page now contains not only the top most visited sites, but also the “Favorites” section, which will collect those pages that you recently watched or added to bookmarks:

New Firefox Quantium

You can customize the look of the search box, more accurately remove the additional normal field to the right of the address bar and enter requests like in Chrome:

New Firefox Quantium

There is a fun feature for communication between different devices on which there is a given browser. For example, you can toss an open tab from your smartphone to your tablet by going to the page properties:

New Firefox Quantium

Using the search line in Firefox, the browser gives a choice of search engines for obtaining data – Google, Yandex, Wikipedia or you can most in the general settings to connect the necessary search resources.

New Firefox Quantium

For fans of screenshots, as well as for our colleagues-SEOs, very useful will be a built-in tool for screenshots, which is easy to find in the search bar:

New Firefox Quantium

Perhaps everyone for themselves will find some more something interesting and useful in the updated and unpredictable red fox. But in any case, you will be accompanied by tips so that you do not feel like losing.


We put a solid 9 plus positive.

Successful and you are testing!

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