Internet shops selling counterfeit, loomed the prospect of an early lock


At a meeting of the Federation Council that was held recently and was aimed at addressing issues of cross-border online trade, Russian rights holders were offered a proposal to ban the activities of online boutiques, whose interactive displays display counterfeit goods.

In everyday practice, law enforcement bodies, as a rule, refuse to accept applications for Internet companies that violate the law in terms of trafficking in counterfeit products. At the moment, in order to block the page with counterfeit goods, you need to spend a lot of money and time to hear the case in court. As an exit from the current situation, the business community proposed the creation of a self-regulating organization. Members of this organization will be representatives of online stores. Their mission is to consider appeals of Russian rightholders. It is interesting that ACIT (Association of Internet Trade Companies) is also marking the same position. There is a conflict of interest.

As Svetlana Lienko, director of the portal, says, the idea of a ban on the trade in counterfeit goods in Russia today is more relevant than ever. Users of the global network can everywhere observe the movement of the shadow market from cellars to online spaces. However, the question on the method of recognizing the product counterfeit and checking the corresponding licenses from the seller remains open. Perhaps in the near future some online boutiques should be afraid of illegal attacks from competing companies, since there is a risk of pre-trial blocking of the “suspicious” online resource and incorrect interpretation of the new rules. Nevertheless, if the government goes to meet the measures taken and strengthen control over the import of counterfeit products into the territory of the Russian Federation, it is possible that the “forces of good” will succeed.

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