Analysis of the correctness of using the current structure of the site from the view of the distribution of static weight between the pages of the site, providing recommendations for improving the structure or pointing out specific errors.


We analyze and indicate the absence or errors of placement of micro-markings for commodity items, bread crumbs, rating, contact data of the company and other types that contribute to better appearance of search snippet and increase of CTR. In the absence or identification of errors, we indicate the path of correction for implementation at the highest level.

adaptation for mobile

We analyze the site’s display on various mobile devices, display the mobile version of the site for search robots, point out the implementation errors of the mobile / adaptive version of the site and ways to solve the problems found.

site and server speed

Analysis of the overall download speed of all pages of the site, load testing at different load levels to determine the quality and stability of the server, the correctness of its configuration and stress resistance. Identify the causes of speed-reducing work and indicate ways to solve.

conversion elements

We analyze the appearance of the site for the presence / absence of conversion elements, point out the errors, provide recommendations on the possibility of improving the conversion by adding useful elements, functions, blocks, changing or replacing them.

give recommendations for improving website usability

We analyze the usability of the site, the correctness of the elements, the correctness of the layout, the convenience of information perception, the convenience of using the functions, the availability of mandatory blocks, the absence of unnecessary, the possibility of improving the situation with usability of the site pages.

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