Facebook against commercial posts!


At the beginning of the new year, Mark Zuckerberg hastened to announce the news that users of his favorite social network Facebook had ambiguously accepted.

When forming a news line, priorities will now be given to the posts of friends and relatives. Mark explained this by saying that the main goal of this network is to spend time with benefit in pleasant communication with relatives. At the moment there is a lot of activity of commercial content: messages from companies, brands, mass media. Undoubtedly, there are a lot of useful and necessary information among this, but according to the representative of Facebook, it distracts and reduces the interaction between users.Undoubtedly

In this regard, entrepreneurs and marketers need to be prepared for the fact that commercial posts will be less likely to get into the news line, which means their coverage will be much less. This will affect more the groups that have just appeared or those that have had few reactions before. In this case, users can customize the ribbon to view posts from their favorite groups in the settings. For SMM-players, this news is not from the most pleasant, so to create content you will need to make more efforts and make it as attractive as possible. Time will tell. Successful promotion!

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