Authors will be rewarded for publishing their content on Google and Facebook


Global reform is planned in the open spaces of the Internet space in the copyright segment initiated by the EU. The main goal of the commission is to reduce the impact on the market of global giants such as Facebook and Google.

After the introduction of the reform, it is planned that browsers, news aggregators, along with social networks, will pay some fees to users who publish content. It turns out that each publisher will automatically be assigned exclusive rights to the content.   At the same time, according to officials, to reach the stage of negotiations between authors and services using their materials, does not work because of the market capture by a small group of all known players. The European Commission plans to publish a plan to reform the use of copyright on the Internet in September. The reform will be carried out within the framework of measures aimed at simplifying the digital space in the EU. As a result of such measures, the Google News project in Spain was already closed.    

The author of the article: rSEO

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