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We received an application for an audit of an online store for the sale of digital electronics This is a young store located in the town of Blagoveshchensk, and we found many shortcomings, the correction of which can significantly improve sales.

General information about the site

The age of the domain is only 6 months, so the external promotion in this case is to do as smoothly and neatly. The site is not in the Yandex Catalog, the value of the TCI – 0. Mirroring settings. The site is installed SSL-certificate, but immediately I want to note the incorrectly adjusted mirrors. The main mirror without www and with a non-main mirror is not configured 301 redirect to the main mirror, instead the mirror also gives the code 200 OK:General information

At the same time mirrors are not glued together in Google or in Yandex, which means that the site with www is visible in the issuance of both search engines, this is bad:not glued together in Google or in Yandex

Processing a nonexistent page. When you enter any non-existent query, the server returns a 404 Not Found response code – this is fine, but the error page itself is without a design, it looks standard:Not Found response code

We recommend making it more attractive and designed in the design of the site, so as not to scare off the user, where the main menu will be present, for example:care off the user

File validation robots.txt. The file is located at, but it does not properly host. If the site works on https, then you need to specify it here:The file is located

Region of the site in Yandex. The region of the site, unfortunately, is not specified – it’s bad. You need to tie the region to Blagoveshchensk, it must match the address indicated in the contacts:Region of the site in Yandex

Technical audit of the site

Analysis of site load speed. On the example of the analysis of the speed of loading the main page, we see unsatisfactory indicators:analysis

Thanks to the Google PageSpeed Insights test, this indicator for the page is below 100 points and is in the red critical zone for both PC and mobile.

Microdevices. There is no micro rating of the rating and Product for the product card, it’s bad.

Image file names. Names do not correspond to images, they are often completely incomprehensible and meaningless in the form of a set of numbers instead of xiaomi-redmi-note-5a-3gb-32gb-zolotoy-1.jpg.

Category Pages. Category pages are not optimized, they do not contain texts with descriptions and keywords.

Search for pages with non-unique content. Verification showed that such pages are present – these are goods cards, news, it’s bad:Search for pages


This online store has a number of shortcomings that any user will not like.

In the cap there is an attractive logo, but here descriptor not at all readable. The descriptor should be readable and understandable, so that the user in the first minutes could understand where he got:online store has a number

An example of a valid descriptor:Usability

There is no callback function in the site header. Goods on the main. On the main page there is a “Best Products” block, which is available, but the price is not displayed, but instead there is a “Subscribe” button, which is not logical at all:callback function

There is a lot of goods in the store without a photo, this is very bad, such goods will not be sold, because the buyer can not consider it and make sure that he buys exactly what is written about. In some cards of the goods there are photos that do not correspond to the name at all. There are cards of goods in which there is no description, so that the receipt of such goods in the top issuance at the request of the buyer zero. The comparison function of positions does not work correctly, which displays a practically blank page and does not give comparative characteristics, this is bad. This is only a small part of our complete site audit. Order an audit for any type of site you can here.

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